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10 Signs You are Addicted to Pinterest

Me: Hello everyone  my name is Deborah and I’m addicted to Pinterest
Group: Hi Deborah.
There are two types of people in this world  –  those who pin and does who don’t. Those who pin have obviously discovered the magical world of Pinterest, the land of never ending recipes,wedding dresses ,dream closet and DIY projects. While this magical land is filled with recipes aplenty, many new pinners find themselves going from mere curiosity and intrigue to full blown addiction without being aware of it. So here I am to enlighten you with 10 signs that you might be addicted to Pinterest.

  1. The Pinterest website is your home page on your computer.
  2. You make daily visits to  Pinterest sometimes twice a day or three times…..or four but really who’s counting.
  3. You pin an average of 50 pins a day.
  4. Your wedding board is constantly updated even without the prospect of a significant other.
  5. Conversation with friends usually involve some variation of  “one time on Pinterest” or “I saw that on Pinterest”
  6. Pinning is listed as any interest on your resume.
  7. Whenever there is free wifi you can’t miss the opportunity to check your Pinterest page.
  8. You’d rather stay home and pin than interact with the outside world (besides it’s cold outside anyways).
  9. You’ve tried quitting but can’t bring yourself to delete your account and lose all your precious pins of recipes and crafts that you’ll make eventually – right? you might even make them tomorrow or next week or next year….. or never.
  10. You become defensive when someone suggest you might have an addiction.

If  any of these apply to you then you might have slight addiction,and like the  paragon of virtue that I am I will attempt to exploit this little addiction by suggesting the Sweet Berries Pinterest board. Don’t forget to leave your comments and let me know what you think.

Stay Sweet
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