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I’ve been struck with a bit of wanderlust … actually, not  a bit  but a TON of wanderlust and I’ve talked about it so much that I’m pretty sure my friends are getting sick of hearing about it so, naturally I’ve decided to find new friends on the internet… just joking.

However, throughout my relentless search of the web, I have come across a lot of different websites that have helped in giving me ideas on places I could visit and things to do not only on a budget but also as a solo female traveler.


Travelletes is one my favorite websites for travel inspiration and ideas, The website has everything you’ll need to know for travel as a female from safety tips to tips on solo travel, the best places to travel alone, photography guides (because great travel selfies are essential… duh), food guides, festival travel and of course advice on roads trips. The articles are also super easy to read and are actually helpful. I find it fun to just go through their website and immerse myself in different travel stories and all the possibilities of adventure. (Travelletes website)

The Black Adventuristas

Black Adventuristas is not a website but a Facebook group for Women of colour and I’m almost certain that this is what triggered my wanderlust, to begin with.  As a minority, I always worry about how people will perceive me in a different country because of the colour of my skin etc  so it was refreshing to watch these women travel and live care free and seek adventure  from zip-lining in Costa Rica, to visiting Egypt and doing so  much more amazing things. This Facebook group is perfect for females of colour to find a community of women who love adventure and offer great advice.

Pink Pangea

This website is Amazing! It’s mostly geared towards writers and travel bloggers but there is a little something for everyone. This includes other travel stories to inspire your trip, premade sample itineraries of different places and discount deals.  My bucket list just gained a new addition and that’s the yoga and writing retreat pink Pangea offers in Greece. (Pink Pangea Website)

Journey Woman

As someone who works in web communications, I have to be honest that the aesthetic of the website is not the best but what it doesn’t have in looks in makes up with great substance. This website is filled with lots of helpful tips and travel advice. The articles cover everything from travel insurance to how to make grilled cheese in your hotel room and what to pack for a cruise. (Journey woman website)

Go Girl Guide

Go Girl guide is basically an online travel magazine for women. Their articles cover everything from travelling on a budget, where to stay when you travel and tips on staying safe.  They also offer special Go Girl guide travel books that help you plan your trips – I haven’t purchased one so, I can’t tell you if it’s any good- but their articles are great. (Go Girl guide website)

Whoa travel

This is another fantastic website and one of my favorites because I love the concept of it.  If you’ve moved past the fervent reading of all travel related material and you’re ready to sign up for an adventure then head over to whoa travel. There are expertly curated adventures you can sign up for and better yet you get to go on an adventure while helping local women in the area that you visit. I love this because  you gain something from travel  be it a whole new perspective, new cultural experience, friendships etc and it’s good to give back as well.  Whoa offers lots of adventures to places like Peru, India, Costa Rica and many more places,  you can also create a customized trip  for yourself!  (Whoa Travel website)

So  go ahead and check out these websites if you are ready to travel or if  plan to in the future.


What travel websites are your go to?



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