How to Have an Amazing Valentine’s day without a Significant Other

Once February hits, we all know what means – Valentines Day. It starts seeping through our drugstores, infiltrating our commercials, and invading our schools and workplaces. Immediately, your singleness starts to glare like a neon flashing sign. You start dreading February 14th like a test you haven’t studied for or a meeting that you’re not prepared for.

A common misconception about Valentines Day is that it’s a day for couples and it’s time to change that. It’s 2018 – let’s change that perception, let’s turn Valentines Day into a day for everyone.

Here are 5 Ways to take Valentine’s Day back from the couples:

  1. Galentines Party:

    Let’s celebrate the day of love by loving our favorite people – our friends. It does not have to be big, it can just be you and three of your friends celebrating friendship at your house. It’s a fun excuse to dress up, eat a whole bunch of candy, and buy fun props.

  2. Weekend Getaway:

    My favorite Valentines’ Day was when I took a trip to San Francisco to visit a close friend. I explored the city, had a good time with my friend, and didn’t think about being single once. Weekend getaways get you out of your surroundings which usually allows yourself to get out of your own head.

  3. Pampering Yourself:

    What’s better than pampering yourself on the day of love? Take a moment to treat yourself – go buy that one thing you’ve been looking at, get a massage, go get your nails and hair done. As the saying goes, “When you look good, you feel good.” Pampering yourself is the best type of love.

  4. Dinner/Movie with your bestie

    Have a Carrie/Miranda Sex & The City moment and go to dinner with your bestie. Order a bottle of wine and a good entrée and time will fly in a good way. Who doesn’t love dinner with your favorite person? When you are with your best friend, it’s guaranteed a good time. Your night will be full of good food, good wine, and good laughter.

  5. Netflix & Chill for Party of One

    One of my favorite Valentines Day was when I treated it like a regular day. I order some pizza, searched for a good movie on Netflix, and cuddled up in my fur blanket. What’s better than being at home and relaxing? Sometimes the best ways to not make a big deal about something is to not treat it like it’s not a big deal. At the end of the day, you’ll have the gift that keeps on giving – leftovers.

Valentines Day doesn’t always have to be about finding a date or celebrating it with a significant other.  Valentines Day can be a day of self-love or a day of friendship love or a day of spreading love. Do not be down because you broke up with your significant other or having found someone yet – there are plenty of ways to have fun and enjoy yourself this Valentines Day!


What will you be doing this valentine’s day? (Comment Below )


Written by Mia Little John, Read more of her work at MiaJanel