10 Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows


10 funny must watch Netflix shows



1. Mindy Project.

mindy project

The show  starts off a bit slow but, give it a shot! 3 episodes in  and I promise you’ll be in love with Mindy Lahiri  and her totally ambitious, slightly boy crazy, celebrity obsessed and brightly dressed self. The show is hilarious and one that’s easy to watch.

2.The Office
the office

“It’s so stupid” it’s funny should be the tag line for everything that happens on the show. It has a little bit of everything, an overzealous boss, office romance, the gullible co- worker and facial expressions that speak a thousand words.

3. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Where do you go after escaping cult and trying to regain your life? New York of course and such is the story of Kimmy Schmidt.Think Tina Fey/Amy Pohler type humour + slightly awkward main character and you’ve got a hilarious light-hearted show that’s definitely worthy of your entire Saturday.

4.A Different World

a different world

I love this show! A Different world initial follows the story of Denise Huxtable going off to college at Hillman.  Season 2 turns to focus on other Hillman students and their experiences at University. The Characters are loveable, the humour is light and the show was never shy when it came to dealing with controversial issues.

5. New Girl

New Girl

More adorable awkwardness and characters to fall in love with. New Girl follows Jess Day moving into an apartment with 3 guys after being dumped by her boyfriend. The show is light enough to watch and it’s sure to guarantee a good laugh and an unexpected love of mango chutney.

6. Scrubs


J.D and Turks Bromance is a gift that keeps on giving. The show alternates between doctors trying to navigate their way through medical emergencies, office drama, and office relationships, all told through the point of view of J.D’s internal dialogue.

scrubs gif

7. Fresh Prince of Bel-air

Fresh Prince

This one needs no explanation (see gif below)

fresh prince 2.gif


Friends season 10Ross, Rachel, Smelly Cat……enough said


9. Arrested Development

arrested development

If you have that one aunt or uncle that always says or does something weird, the family members in Arrested Development will make them look like a saint. The show chronicles the epitome of a dysfunctional family whose father is sent to prison for a white collar crime.  Micheal Bluth (Jason Bateman),The only sane person in the family tries to keep things from falling apart any more than it already has all while being a single dad to his socially awkward son – who may or may not be in love with his cousin.

Still not convinced? this picture basically sums up the entire show

arrested development.gif

10. Parks and Recreations

parks and rec

Leslie Knope is one determined woman and this woman wants a park. However, the journey to getting the park of her dreams becomes an ordeal but that doesn’t stop her and she drags everyone – some against their will- into her journey. The show is filled with great characters and offers the best justification for binge watching Netflix shows; “Treat yo self”

treat yo self


What are some of your binge-worthy shows?