What I learned after I graduated from university

What I learned after I graduated university coverWhen you first graduate from university it is the most exhilarating feeling. The hopes and dreams that you have been hoping to accomplish over the last four years are finally becoming a reality. This is the time when you will look at your friends and fellow classmates and think “we finally did it.” It will be that moment when you realize that all of those all-nighters you pulled, multiple essays, coffees, and cue cards were worth it.

The next thoughts you will experience are “now what?” as you cross that stage into your next phase of adulthood. This can be a terrifying thought, but take a deep breath and remember that your next greatest adventure in life is about to begin.

Here are five things that I learned after graduating from university:

Surround yourself with good people

Surround yourself with good people and it will make all the difference. When you graduate from university this will be the period of time in your life when there will be many unknown factors. Some will be lucky and land their dream internship/job, for others it will take more time, and meeting new people will become extremely difficult. Having good people in your life that support you will help you get through this obstacle. It will become increasingly important for you to keep the people in your life who care, support, and motivate you to do the best. You will learn that the friends you made in college/university will become some of the most important people in your life. They will be the people who understand you the most and will support you through thick and thin.

Know your expectations versus reality


In your last year of university, one of the worst questions that you will be faced with is “so, what are you going to do after school?” Of course, your thoughts will be to hopefully find a job as you secretly desire to travel the world. One thing to remember is that it is okay if you end up going from internship to internship until you land your dream gig. The odds are that your dream job will not be your first job straight out of school. In fact, your dream job may be what you least expected it to be. That is why at this stage in your life it is important to embrace different opportunities that may come your way. Also, do not compare yourself to your friends or any other people in your life. You will find your success at your own pace and time.


Manage your Budget

Freedom will be your first thoughts when you graduate. You will finally be free from burying your face in the midst of multiple textbooks and from your computer screen. However, before you go on that shopping spree or book that backpacking trip to Europe, develop a personal budget for yourself. By doing this, you will define your needs versus your wants, which will make it easier for you to prioritize different aspects of your life. Life is about to get real with expenses of rent, car payments, insurance, and student loan payments. While this may sound daunting, managing your budget will allow you to establish goals. This will motivate you to work harder, so you can take that great backpacking trip to Europe.

Venture out of your comfort zone

When you venture out of your comfort zone that is when the best things in life happen. You will never know what life has in store for you unless you discover new opportunities. The funny thing about life is that not everything goes according to plan. In fact, when you least expect it you will discover something that you did not know before. Whether it is a new job or relationship, don’t be afraid to try something new, you can start small by trying new hobbies, building a reading list , applying to different types of job positions etc. In university, you are accustomed to knowing what is next and going according to a plan. However, in the real world when you expect the unexpected, work hard at what you are doing, and define goals for yourself everything else in life will fall into place.


Balance is important

Graduating from university can be a very overwhelming experience. The first few months or even longer will be a transition period in your life. You will have to learn how to manage many different aspects of your life including work, family, friends, relationships and even yourself. Finding the time to balance all of these aspects may seem difficult and challenging at times, but you will eventually find a way to harmonize all of these relationships. This will take a lot of time and patience with yourself, but you will realize what your priorities are. Also, remember it is okay to say no if you need a minute to yourself to balance your new life routine. By playing around with different schedules and routines, you will find the best one that fits the right balance in your life



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By Sarah of Sarah’s Collective