Signs You Need A New Job

signs you need a new jobFor most of us, we know that we won’t be at the same job for our entire careers, and it’s important to know when the time to make a move is. Here are some signs that you need a new job:

Signs you need a new job #1 -You’re burnt out

Burn out is real. As twentysomethings, we definitely think that we’re invincible and can work crazy hours. However, those crazy hours will eventually catch up with you, leaving you tired and burnt out.  If you try to work out a new schedule, figure work-life balance or establish boundaries so you have time for yourself and that still doesn’t work, then it’s time to consider if you should stay or look for something new.

Signs you need a new job #2 – There are no advancement opportunities.

We all know that it’s important to grow professionally, and it’s especially true for ambitious millennials. Sometimes we’re told when we take a job that there are opportunities for growth, so you work incredibly hard to achieve that next step in your career and nothing happens. Other times someone else gets the job or the position is cut or sometimes there literally aren’t advancement opportunities. Try talking to your supervisor about advancing in the organization and see what they say. However, if you get the itch that you’re ready to grow, then you should start researching new positions.

Signs you need a new job #3 – The environment is toxic.

Toxic work environments are the worst. Sometimes it’s just a nasty coworker that you can avoid most of the time, but it can also be the culture or politics of an organization.  Sometimes bringing these issues to HR can lead to positive change within an organization. However, there are times that you tell as many people as you can that there are these issues and provide them with ideas for how to improve and no one wants to implement the changes or there are constraints that hinder change.

Signs you need a new job #4 –You aren’t being paid fairly, and they won’t change that.

2017/2018 have been the years of being outspoken about equal and fair pay, and it’s time for organizations to realize this. Being underpaid and knowing so is the worst feeling ever. It makes you feel like your time and energy valued at the rate that it should be. If you think that you’re being underpaid talk to your supervisor and HR departments and see what they say. Sometimes they’ll research it and give you a market adjustment (bringing you up to market standards), but sometimes they might say there isn’t money in the budget, but you know there is. When this happens, it is time to consider what your worth is and if you think you deserve more.

Signs you need a new job #5- You aren’t happy.

To me, this is the biggest reason to leave a job. If you are just unhappy at work and you dread going in, then you should start thinking about what makes you happy and how can you turn that into a career. Also, if you think that there are things that can be changed at work to make it a better environment for you, then talk to HR and your supervisor about them and see if people are willing to make the changes to keep you. If they are and you know those changes will make you happier, then that’s great. However, if they aren’t willing, then I would strongly encourage you to investigate new opportunities.

Finally, remember that money can’t buy happiness- if the issues at work can’t be resolved, but they’re willing to give you more money. You really need to consider if making more money will make you happy and content in your current role. If the answer is no, then it’s time to move on.

Making big decisions like leaving your job isn’t easy. But if you fit into any of the situations above, then it’s time to make a big move.


Written by Hilary of the Cross Country Millennial


What are some other signs you need a new job? comment below 🙂