10 Feminist Books Every Woman Needs To Read

10 Feminist Books every woman should readSummer vacation is the perfect time to catch up on all the readings you want that do not involve work or school. It’s also a great time to learn new things and for me, it’s exploring feminism and learning more about it.

Mainstream feminism seems to be more performative than creating change. I believe feminism is more than wearing a pink shirt that reads “this pussy grabs back”. It should also involve taking the time to understand how the idea of femininity, patriarchy, racism, capitalism affect various groups of women – not just white women.

I think that feminism is great when it empowers women but feminism also needs to account for its problematic history of how it has excluded women of colour and trans women.  This list of feminist books are selected to focus on intersectionality, and to showcase the various different experiences on womanhood. Not all women experience patriarchy the same way and taking the time to learn, read and understand these stories is important and these 10 books are a good place to start when looking for diverse perspectives on feminism

  1. Women, Race, and Class by Angela Davis

    10 books - 1

  2. Assata – by assata shakur

    10 books - 2

  3. Redefining realness – Janet Mock
    10 books - 3

  4. We should all be Feminist – Chimamanda  Ngozi Adiche
    10 books - 4.0

  5. Bad Feminist –  Roxanne Gay

    10 books - 4

  6. The Hand Maids Tale  – Magaret Atwood
    10 books - 5

  7.  I am woman – Lee Maracle
    10 books - 6

  8. Desirable Daughters – Bharati  Mukherjee
    10 books - 7

  9. Men explain Things to Me – Rebecca Solnit
    10 books - 10

  10. Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman  – Lindy West

10 books - shrill

Comment:  What are some other books that should make the list?

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