Life and Career Lessons From Legally Blonde

life and career lessons form legally blondeRecently it was announced that Legally Blonde 3 might be happening!! Elle Wood fans everywhere bent and snapped in unison and my heart grew 3 sizes at that moment.  Legally blonde is honestly one of my favorite feel-good movies and to celebrate this exciting news we are looking at  4 Life and Career Lessons we can all learn from Legally Blonde


Lesson From Legally Blonde #1: It’s never too late to learn something new

Elle Woods exemplified this lesson perfectly. The moment she realized she wanted to go to law school she got down to business and studied to make it happen. For some reason as people hit a certain age (especially in their twenties), they believe that there should be a time frame for everything and that it’s too late to make any change to their lives which is false. It might not always be easy to make a change or leave your comfort zone but it’s never too late to do so. If there is a career change you are looking into, a new job, or even leaving a relationship, the moment you realize that it’s not working for you no matter how far into your life it is, then that’s the perfect time to change it.


Lesson From Legally Blonde # 2: Stay in your own lane:

Elle worked her way into law and it was painfully obvious that she didn’t fit in. she could’ve done what was expected and sacrificed her identity to fit in. However, she stayed true to who she was and it paid off in the end. Sometimes, it’s so easy to see other people succeeding in different areas of life that it’s tempting to want to jump ship and do what they’re doing as well. As a lot of us move into a digital space, it’s so easy to compare our journey, businesses, lives, and blogs with other peoples. However,  we have to remember that we each have our own journey and our own path to take that is uniquely our own. 

Lessons from legally Blonde# 3: Find Your Passion

Elle (In legally blonde 2) was passionate about animal rights and while it didn’t seem to be accepted by a majority of the people she worked with, she stuck to her gut and passion and made a difference. You can make a huge difference when you are passionate about something.  No matter how small it may be or how ridiculous other people think it is, You have to find your passion and pursue it.

If you have something you’re passionate about – Go for it! Life is too short to live with “what if’s” and to live without passion.


Lessons from legally blonde #4:  Community over Competition

One thing I loved Legally Blonde was that it showed the power of community and supporting each other. Elle had her sorority sisters for support,  she had people she could talk to and she also acted as a supportive friend for others. In life and in your career never think that you’ll have to do things alone, there are always people who’d be happy to support you, mentor you and come along on your journey with you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, ask questions when you don’t understand and really take every opportunity to seek out a healthy community of people.



Comment: What are some lessons you learned from legally blonde

  1. THIS MOVIE MEANS THE WORLD TO ME WHICH MEANS THIS ENTIRE POST IS ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! I literally could not agree more with #4. I’ve always loved how Elle surrounds herself with strong people and isn’t afraid to ask for help or dish it out to those who ask for it as well. Ugh, Elle is my idol, I love her and her passion and strength SO MUCH!

    1. YAY!! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. The movie is literally one of my favorite movies ever made and fingers crossed we get a third one 🙂