5 Podcasts that Changed my View on Money

Money can either make you enjoy life or make you miserabl. We’ve all heard the nedless lectures that if you stop drini It is often said that the love of money is the root of all evil and yet we can’t survive in this world without it. How do you achieve or attain financial independence? Achieving a financial goal does not just come without making a conscious effort. If you must change your financial habits, then you have to change your mindset about money. To improve your finances, the following podcasts are a must-listen-to. These podcasts will help you greatly to change your perspective about money and help you achieve financial independence.

Money moves by Toni’s tone.  

Toni tone, who was the first ambassador for the charity Young Women’s Trust in 2019, works tirelessly in providing financial and wellbeing advice to young women. Through her highly inspiring and motivating podcasts, she shows practical ways to manage money. Her podcasts differ from others because of the unique way she positively enlightens her listeners on the need to control their money and not allow the money to control them. Her podcasts will provide you with an all-inclusive tactic that unveils the links with money, empowerment, health, and even relationships. By listening to her podcast,

Side Hustle Pro with Nicaila Mathews Okome.

 To achieve your dream of side hustle apart from your monthly income, then you should listen to “Side Hustle Pro” by Nicaila Mathews Okome. They described her as “the first and only podcast to spotlight bold, black women entrepreneurs who have scaled from side hustles to a profitable business.” She spurs you to go the extra mile and pursue more than the day job that only provides you with a meager monthly income. Okome interviews black women who have made it to inspire other black women who are just starting up to do it. She also talks about how you can turn passion projects into moneymakers.

Journey to Launch by Jamila Souffrant.

In her podcast “Journey to Launch,” Souffrant educates listeners on the need to increase their income, understand taxation, invest, save money, and pay off debt. Another interesting thing Souffrant discusses in her podcast is how to retire early and wealthy. While she gives insightful advice on how to be and remain debt-free, she also encourages her listeners to save and invest wisely.

The break Platform (YouTube) by Patricia Wright.

Patricia Wright is not just a beauty influencer; We knew her to empower women with financial independence. She gives financial advice to women on her YouTube channel, and she reminds them of the n eed to get real with their money. She is an advocate of changing careers when you need to and leveling up.

Design Your Dream Life by Natalie.

Natalie’s podcast, “Design Your Dream Life,” enlightens on financial independence in various aspects such as goal setting, making money online, and being actively productive. Natalie, in her podcast, focuses on having the right mindset towards money. She engages her listeners actively on the need to have the right mindset towards money and why the result you get depends exclusively on your mindset towards money.

Listening to these wonderful people with insightful lessons about making and sustaining money will change your view about money and help you make more money and control it.