Good Books for Post Grads


Good books for post grads

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Good books have a way of  inspiring, motivating and teaching how to navigate through different stages of life. Graduating College or University is an entirely different experience and new stage of life. Unlike high school graduation where the next four years of your life had somewhat of an expected roadmap, university/ college graduation doesn’t always come with the same security. It can be a bit daunting and depressing to make a decision on what direction to take when there are so many different options ahead of you.

As I am currently in this phase of life,  what I have found to be motivating is surrounding myself with people who are determined to make something for themselves, as well as reading some good books for post grads, tons, and TONS of them.  Some of these books are career oriented and many are self-help books to help get me out of my pool of self-pity, go out into the world with a bit more insider knowledge, ready to kick ass. So, I’m sharing four of my favorite “get your ass up and make something of yourself” books with you.

Leave your mark (for the graduate just starting out her career)

This book is one of the many good books for for recent graduates just starting out their careers. It not only deals with workplace etiquette such as how to call back for a job, doing a proper follow-up,  email etiquette (which I can personally attest to using at my job after reading her book), as well as a list of to-dos before applying for a job, Aliza also inspires with her personal journey with how she got to where she currently and the importance of building good relationships and having a good attitude at work. that although small will go a long way to set you apart in your field.

Nice Girls don’t get the corner office (for the new graduate learning to  navigating office politics)

 Another one of my favorites,  Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office deals with undoing all the subconscious things that we have been programmed to do as women that actually sabotage our careers. If you have plans on breaking the glass ceiling this book is a place to start. Not only is it helpful for all the career girls out there but it also has great advice that can be useful in all facets of life such as learning to work smart not hard, speaking up and asking for the things you want instead of waiting for it to be handed to you.

 The Defining Decade (for developing the right mindset to achieve what you want)

Many of us have this idea that we can just casually breeze by and coast through the twenties. Wrong Dr. Meg Jay emphasizes that the twenties is a crucial time for development and these moments are crucial in the grand scheme of your life. It will shape how you think about work, people, relationships, challenges and conceptualize your future. Dr, Meg approaches the topic from a very psychological stand point and dares to be different among the other books that suggest that you casually coast through this time in your life.

In the Company of Women (For graduates seeking career mentorship and inspiration)

Like I mentioned earlier, one of the things getting me through my almost post-grad funk is talking to other women who are in the field that I see myself in, talking to my friends who are going through the same thing and encouraging each other, and reading good books. This is one of the good books for post grads because it combines all three! I love it because I get to read about interesting women in varying fields doing interesting things and they share how they got where they are, where they hope to go and the advice that they live by.


Cocktails With:

If you want some inspiration before your book orders arrive, I’ve got you covered. Earlier this month I launched cocktails with:  a section my blog where I interview millennial women doing really cool things. My first interview was with Alanna Couvrette, 22 year CEO of one month for Adecco Canada, her story is amazing and one every millennial woman should read.

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What books are currently on your reading list?