Important ways to Invest in yourself

Important Ways To Invest In Yourself | Cocktails and Ambition
Photo by Baptista Ime James on Unsplash

There are so many articles out there on the topic of self-improvement . Some articles and advice focus on ways to become a more productive, coffee drinking, all nighters pulling, brand new version of yourself! WELL, I like that kind of hype and buzzwords just as much as anyone else but recently, I’ve been thinking about how self-development these days is really mostly just a list of trendy things that sound good. However, as a result of this saturation and mind numbing repetition of terms and concepts that really mean little to nothing, we need to look at the bigger picture and think of ways that we can realistically invest in ourselves on a daily basis. 

Develop a daily routine

Having a daily routine is a great way to invest in yourself! Routines make it easier for us to live healthier lives, be productive and also reduce stress.  Personally it’s anxiety relieving to know how the day will go down so I can plan accordingly. Of Course,  plans can always change but having a routine gives a bit of a daily guideline to go by.

Some tips for developing a  daily routine

  •  Start simple 
  • Develop a system
  • Keep a tracker or to-do list. 

It’s always easy to get carried away and add everything and anything to your daily list. But that’s a sure way to get burnt out and not stick with your routine.  So, start simple, focus on the basics of your day such as your wake up routine, bed time routine and 1 – 4 daily tasks that are essential to your day. 

Be more present

You can’t embrace the good parts of your life if you’re too busy looking for ways to make it better. Invest in yourself by being more present in your life. Take time to smile at the good stuff and take time to appreciate the good people in your life. It’s easy to forget about them when life gets busy.

Say no to things that don’t align with your goals and boundaries

Say no to things that don’t align with your goals and boundaries. This includes saying no to people and things that drain your energy. This might include saying no to late nights out when you have an early meeting the next day, or saying no to taking on projects that don’t align perfectly with your goals at work. It’s about being willing to make sacrifices now for something you want in the future.

Do more of what you love

Investing in yourself doesn’t have to be expensive; sometimes it just means taking the time to do things you love. I’m a firm believer that we should always be doing the things that make us smile — even if they’re small.  Sometimes people tend to feel pressured into making goals that are usually soaked in self-criticism “i’m going to lose weight”,  “i’m going to eat less junk food” , “i’m going to go on more dates” which are all fine goals but why don’t we try being kinder to ourselves? by setting goals like “i’m going to do more of what i love”. This way we can create a lifestyle that isn’t geared towards punishing ourselves for our perceived flaws but instead towards enjoying ourselves and having a good time!

We can focus on the things that give us energy, which we can then put into other aspects of our lives that need our attention and time. If you are a writer start writing daily, if you’re an artist create a painting every day, if you like playing basketball make it a point to hit the court at least 3 times a week. Doing more of what you love will not only bring you joy but will help improve your skills and abilities in the area of interest. 

Take a break

It’s important to recognize when you need a break and to give yourself permission to take breaks from work when necessary. Don’t allow guilt or fear of failure keep you from doing things that help you recharge and reset. That includes taking vacations (and actually enjoying them), sleeping when necessary, getting exercise, spending time with friends and family… whatever works for you!

Invest in your health 

Investing in your physical health is one of the best things you can do for yourself. This means getting enough sleep every night (seven to eight hours), eating healthy foods and making time for exercise. These habits help keep your body functioning at its best.