Everything you need to know before getting a life coach

Life coaching is a booming business especially on social media. It seems like every day a new coaching account pops up with pretty quotes, a cohesive feed and absolutely no credentials. Despite this, people follow these accounts en masse, sign up and prepare to shell out hundreds(sometimes thousands) of dollars to a complete stranger in hopes of getting their lives together. 

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What is Life coaching?

Life coaches are supposed to be professionally trained individuals to help you reach your full potential. They typically help you figure out how to define your goals, hold you accountable and help you become a better version of yourself.  

Is life coaching a scam?

Life coaching isn’t a scam there can be benefits. it can offer clarity, structure, and help you revamp  your life. However, you should be diligent and understand  that Instagram likes do not equal credibility. Social media life coaches seem to have their life together, they sell you the image that their lives are perfect. They throw in a few very select moments of vulnerability to sell the idea that they are just like you. Like you, they are flawed but capable of  perfection and that they can help you achieve the same thing.

The thing is they can present these magical moments of living your best life, because they are living  their best lives with money from people who buy their services. Professional life coaches are not trying to sell you perfection, or sell you a service through their own lives. They are there to focus on you, your goals, and the resources that you have or need to achieve them. A coach helps you find a path to self improvement that is tailored to you. They are not there to sell you perfection or quick fixes. 

Life coaches DO NOT and absolutely should not  diagnose or treat mental health conditions. Life coaches are not meant to “heal” traumas or sell quick fixes. Coaching is for people who are emotionally and psychologically healthy but need an extra step to get more out of their lives. You should be wary of a life coach who claims to be a therapist without the necessary certification and education.

Before you get a life coach – do this

You should also be clear on your “why?” : Why do you want a life coach? If it’s poto heal from trauma, abuse or mental health issues, then you should be seeing a licensed therapist instead 

Be ready to do the work: A good life coach won’t offer you quick fixes and pretty words. They should be helping you create a road map to achieve what you want and that means  that you need to actually be prepared to do the work 

Make sure your life coach is legitimate: Sharing quotes on instagram is cute, but this does not make anyone qualified to give advice. Do your research and make sure that your life coach is a professional  with valid certifications and trainings 

Don’t fall for quick fixes: Your life coach should not promise  a magic cure for your life. If they think that they can offer you perfection, or quick fixes it’s a scam. Save your money and  seek out a verified professional instead