Signs you need a break

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We all need breaks from time to time because life will never stop being overwhelming and exhausting. Maybe you are running a full-time job and working hard for career growth, or you are building a family, running errands, and also keeping up with increasing laundry and chores while caring for a smaller you. Whatever the case, it can all seem a bit too much. You can feel like 24 hours just zapped through your face, and you’ll need to be reminded about how it all started and how it ended.

If you or your life is synonymous with chaos, disorder, and disorganization, or you are sucked in the vortex of endless work, then stop for a moment. You need a halt, and you need a break so that you can come back stronger and more refreshed. At this point, you’re probably rolling your eyes, thinking that you can’t take a break because there’s too much on your plate. Well, here are five signs that you need a break immediately.

Time is Never Enough

If this is you, you’re probably constantly chanting about the inadequacy of 24 hours every day. There was a time I used to wish 48 hours made a day instead. But even if a day were a hundred hours, if you still put too much on your plate, then time will never be adequate for you. And if you continue at this pace, you’ll always get less work done, but you’re overworking your energy.

Social Life? What’s That?

If this is you, then you need a break ASAP. One of the topmost regrets most people have on their deathbeds is not spending enough time with family and friends because they were too busy chasing finite mediocre things and always made excuses and canceling plans.

 Do you want that to be you? It would help if you learned to be petrified of deep regrets because it’s hard to rid yourself of them. They’d haunt you forever.

Your Couch Barely Knows You

Your housemates or family have gotten used to your consistent absence, and your couch barely recognizes you. If you live alone, your house is clean and spotless because you don’t stay in it enough to get it untidy. Your fridge is empty except maybe for cans of soup that you gobble up in the morning; your pantry hasn’t seen groceries in weeks because you barely have time to shop. If this is you, that’s not a grand lifestyle to have. You need to exhibit balance, and part of doing that is knowing that you need a break.

The Feeling of Constant Frustration

Do you feel a prickly feeling of irritation when you hear the phone ringing yet again for the umpteenth time because item number 8000 demands your attention? Is everyone causing you to scream because they are getting on your last nerve? Do you find yourself having constant angry outbursts at work or home? Are you lashing out at family, friends, co-workers, or even random strangers in the streets? Are you always in a permanent state of crank? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you need a break today. Not tomorrow or next. Today!

You Find it Hard to Concentrate

It would help if you had a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from whatever you do. If all you feel is indifference, or you wait for the time to roll over because you can’t hold your concentration together, then you need to consider taking a much-needed break.

Conclusively remember that your body needs to rest and be recharged to thrive and function. If you notice just one sign out of the five, then stop and take a break today.

You’ll be glad you did.