Songs to start your week right

Like most people, I hate Mondays. Despite the numerous times I have tried to “positive think” my way into loving Mondays, I just can’t do it. To me, Mondays suck because it always feels like an abrupt end to my weekend. So, to start my week I usually rely on a venti cafe mocha and a really good playlist.

These newly released songs have been on rotation for me and will be added to my Monday playlist. So whether you’re working out, commuting, or working from home, these 5 songs will surely help kickstart your Week.

Body Do – Chloe Bailey

Nothing will wake you up faster that a song that starts with “do you ever wonder who’s fucking your man?” The intro is it’s shocking, provocative and it gets the people going, but once the song gets going, it’s undeniably good!

Chloe bailey

text on green circle reads "body do" chloe bailey

twitter screenshot text "this new chloe song got me up, clear the room sister THIS is a solo super star

Fly Girl – Flo (feat. Missy Elliot)

Having Missy Elliot on a song is a guaranteed way have a certified hit and Flo has achieved this with “Fly girl”. It’s a great song to listen to while getting ready and to put you in a great mood overall.

Fly girl cover art, Renee, Jorja and Stella image collage. Text on green reads "Fly Girl" flo (feat Missy Elliot)

Smoke – Victoria Monet (feat. Lucky Daye)

Victoria Monet is a great singer and songwriter. She as certainly mastered the art of making such fun, and sexy music and her latest release “Smoke” is no exception. It is fun, sexy and filled with great word play. If you prefer a more sultry start to your day, then this is the perfect song to have on rotation

Image of Victoria Monet in a green dress sitting on a green carpet, text reads "Smoke" Victoria Monet (feat. Lucky Daye)

Don’t play with it (Remix) – by Lola Brooke( feat. Latto & Young Miami)

Screen grab of Latto, Yung Miami and Lola Brooke in a music video. text on screen reads "Don't play with it" Lola Brooke (Latto and Yung Miami)

This song is for a very particular type of morning. It’s for the mornings where you want to feel like you are ready to take on the world and can’t be fucked with. Lola Brooke’s original version is amazing and the remix adds a new spin on it with fun bars and great energy that takes nothing away from the original.

What it is (Solo version) – Doechii

Image of Doechii in fur jacket. Green text on screen reads "what it is (solo version) doechii

Doechii is such a fun artist! She knows how to create music for the girls that is fun, entertaining and catchy. Her solo version of “What it is” (the only version we acknowledge) is no exception. The song is playful, upbeat and will help you start your day in the best way possible.

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