Beach Hacks You Need to Know

beach hacks you need to know

If you have the opportunity to take advantage of the sunny weather this time of year, head to the beach! I was fortunate enough to go on vacation with my family and I got to spend a week on a Mexican beach. It got me thinking though – a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have been as prepared as I am now when I head to the beach and it’s all thanks to a few hacks I use every time I go.

Beach Hacks #1 – Bring a separate designated sunscreen for your face!

The skin on your face is more delicate than the skin on your body and that means it needs stronger protection. Our generation has been given the information necessary to understand that the sun is the number one aging factor. This is something our parents may have not known about when they were younger because I know they never wore sunscreen at all! A sunscreen made for your face is best because they usually protect you from breaking out as well. My favorite face sunscreen for the summer is a 60 SPF Ultra Sheer Face sunscreen from Neutrogena. This one has been specifically tested by dermatologists and has definitely minimized my beach breakouts. If you want to be extra careful, wear a hat.

Beach Hacks #2 – Bring a speaker, a book, and/or some headphones

If you’re anything like my sisters, sitting on the beach doing nothing but soaking up the sun can get boring from time to time. Playing music or reading a good book on the beach helps to combat this kind of restlessness so you can truly find some relaxation in the sand.

Beach Hacks #3 – Bring a reusable plastic bag for electronics

Sand, salt water, and sunscreen can ruin just about anything, so be extra careful with your phones, headphones, speakers, chargers, etc. I always bring a closable plastic bag that I can keep my delicate electronics in to protect them from the salt water and whatever else may be spilled on top of my beach bag. This also helps with the onset of sudden rain showers.

Beach Hacks #4 – Bring drinking water

Okay so we all know that if you’re going to the beach for the day you’ll probably be drinking everything under the sun but water itself. This is crucial to stay hydrated on the beach where it’s very easy to get sick from dehydration. Drinking alcohol in the sun all day needs to be paired with drinking water. So next time, fill a reusable water up with ice and water to bring to the beach to avoid that nasty dehydration headache.

Beach Hacks #5 – Bring a portable charger (or two)

Of course, you’re going to want to remember your time at the beach. Whether that means snapping pictures, taking videos, or playing your beach playlist nonstop all day, you need the battery power to do that! I always bring an extra portable charger with me in case my phone (or somebody else’s) starts to die. Trust me – you’ll be the superhero of the group if you heed my advice.

Beach Hacks #6 – Chafing prevention

Last, but not least, if you suffer from chafing between your thighs as I do at the beach – plan ahead! I once went on vacation where I walked back and forth from the beach every day in extreme pain because I didn’t know how to stop my chafing and just ended up looking ridiculous as I walked with a towel between my legs. If you know, you know. Deodorant can work sometimes, depending on the temperature of the day. Recently I discovered that a little spritz of tanning oil can work as a lubricant to save the day. If you want to avoid it altogether, bring an extra pair of shorts with you to throw on over top of your wet bathing suit – this hack definitely saved my life on my recent vacation.

I’m sure everyone has their own few hacks that they use when they go beaching but try one of these next time you go and let me know how it works!

Written by Ana Mota