A Self-Care Guide for The Busy Woman

A self care guide for the busy woman

As someone who balances a part-time job and full-time school, being overwhelmed is not a new feeling. I recently told my one coworker’s who was feeling stressed out and overwhelmed at our Holiday party to not let little things bother her as much as they had, and that it is always important to take time for yourself.  However,  I’m now realizing that I should really be following my own advice – and I imagine I am not alone. So, here are all the things I do to fully relax and take a break from a busy schedule.

Clean up Your Space

Before you start any sort of relaxation and self-care, I would only recommend the ONE task of cleaning your space first. As the messiest person growing up, I can highly confirm that this will help anything you choose to do and is also a good starter for winding your mind down. Then for whatever you choose to do afterward, there will be nothing around you physically that will be a huge source of stress.

Practice Self Care

“You-time” is probably the most essential way to take care of yourself. The most ideal self-care nights for me involve Ih some fun colorful Lush products, a facemask, and a glass of wine or tea (depending on just how stressful life’s been). But this isn’t the only way to wind down. Some may prefer staying indoors and being cozy with an easy-to-read book, or even watching a movie and being in comfortable clothes. Whatever suits your comfort best, it’s always ideal to do something low-maintenance to give yourself the break from work you deserve!

Take Time to Un-Plug

This one has definitely been said by almost everyone – but it’s so true when you realize the impact it has on you. But something that always helps me, quite literally, is disconnecting from the world around you. Even for an hour, being able to leave your phone and go for a walk, or even just keep it on airplane mode and have it with you. With so many notifications that come through for both work and social life, it’s so easy to find ourselves wrapped into other worlds that seem distant from our own; especially when it’s something we always forget about doing and is so engraved in our daily routine. I find myself quite addicted to checking my phone that if it comes to the point where if my phone dies, I will still keep pulling it out to check. It’s always a good thing to disconnect from our social connections and be with ourselves for a while.

Practice Mindfulness

Something I just recently learned in the past two years is the concept Mindfulness. I know that for some, it’s not possible to spend a whole two hours in the bath once a week or drop your phone for a while to go for a walk whenever – and that’s understandable. However, Mindfulness can be the simple act of taking just 10 minutes from your day – anywhere, anytime, – to plug in headphones and meditate by focusing on your breathing and blocking out your surroundings.  If you are not sure where to begin, there are free mobile apps to help guide you.

The concept of self-care and having a day to yourself can only be guided to a point. Whatever it is you choose to do – whether it be my tips or your own – remember that life can beat us all down to a point where we can barely notice how overwhelmed and overworked we’ve become.  I hope if anything, reading this can remind you how important it is to take time for you! Someone who works hard to carry themselves deserves all the world has to offer, so why not spend some of that with yourself for just a moment every once in a while? Go on, relax for a bit, I’m raising my glass to you today!


Written by Sian Williams