FOMO: 3 Steps to Getting Over the Fear of Missing Out


fomo blog header.pngFOMO (the fear of missing out) is something that is very real and affects a lot of us. The Fear of missing out is normal however, it becomes a problem when it begins it prevents you from enjoying your present and becomes a source of stress, anxiety, and discontent. So, Here are some ways to get rid of FOMO once and for all.

Reduce your Time on Social Media

Social Media seems to be the number one sources of FOMO. It’s hard to feel content and happy when all you see are people’s highlight reels, the constant vacations and the endless “take me back captions” of the same vacation three years ago. Social media is really about showing the bests arts, and before you feel like you are missing out on something you have to think of the reality behind the images you are seeing. How many pictures did this person have to take and while some people are financially in a better place and can afford a vacation some of the pictures you see are not always the result of good decisions.

Realize that you are not actually missing out

Getting rid of FOMO is all about a change of perspective.  You have to realize that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and sometimes you might actually like the idea of the activity or event instead of the event itself. Before you start feeling the fear of missing out, ask yourself first How you’d feel if you were actually there? And “ How can you make the best of where you currently are?

Ask yourself the real questions

Are you doing what satisfies you? Sometimes a lot of our envy and fear of missing out might come from a place of dissatisfaction. It could be dissatisfaction in our careers, social lives, health etc. We might feel like we are missing out on excitement and fun but a lot of the time this requires us actually look at ourselves and ask ourselves if we are living the lives we want, not based on what everyone else is doing, but based on our own interests, passions and need. Think about it, If you are satisfied with your life you typically wouldn’t be afraid of missing out on certain experiences.


How do you deal with FOMO?