How to Keep your Resolutions


Easy tips to hlp anyone keep their new years resolution

New Year, New me! We’ve all heard this. It comes with the excitement of the New Year and dies about two, three months later, when all the resolutions we made in a euphoric state on New Year’s Eve are soon forgotten and we go back to being our regular selves.

The problem with the whole “new year, new me” business is that it doesn’t take into account how we actually are and how we get things done. The simple shift on the clock from 11:59 pm to 12:00 am cannot erase years of learned habits and traits. Yes, the New Year signals new beginnings and new possibilities but for me, I’ve found that I can utilize these opportunities better when I changed the way I made resolutions.

Stop calling them resolutions and called them goals instead

I don’t know why but for me this really changed my mindset and made it less of a gimmick (but that’s just for me personally, you can still call it resolutions if you want)then, I wrote them down and put them where I could see them every day. This helps to act as a daily reinforcement.

Rome Wasn’t built in a day

Don’t expect some miraculous change in a day, it takes time and work and there might be a few bumps along the way but stick with it

Keep some things open

Sometimes we tend to make our resolutions so hyper-specific that it doesn’t take into account how life actually happens. So, when a hitch that comes along there is no room to adjust or fix it and then we drop the resolution/goal and that’s that. For example, you can write down that you want to be healthier instead of writing down run a 5k on the south of the Himalayas (not happening). This way a healthier life can start at your own pace, maybe with a 10-minute walk every day or slowly cut out artificial sugars etc. This allows you to fit it into your lifestyle and slowly adjust.

Keep it realistic (look at point number 3)

Keep your resolutions list realistic but still have fun and seek adventure this year.  You can write down that you’d like to travel, so pick a place that you can realistically save up for.

As cheesy as it might sound the best advice my Mom ever gave me was to always give everything my best effort. As long as I do that no matter what happens I know I’ve done the best I can. So, take this into the New Year and give everything your best. It will work out and sometimes it might not but be proud that you’ve put yourself out there.

Create a vision board

I’ve written about creating a vision board in the past and how it has worked for me so, this is something I would highly recommend. While it’s great to write down your goals for the year, a  vision board is also a great alternative or compliment to that. With a vision board, you can literally visualize what you want your year to look like, and where you what to be. Seeing your vision every day acts as a great motivation and will definitely keep you on track.


Get rid of the “ New Year, New Me mentality”

If you mess up your resolutions halfway through the year, tomorrow, or even in the next 5 minutes, you do not have to wait for another year to start over. The moment you realize that you’ve messed up, is a great time to restart. Just focus on getting better, accomplishing your goals and continuing on your journey


What are some of your resolutions for this year?