The Career Benefit of being in a Sorority


Being a part of a sorority will definitely be a huge part of your university experience if you do choose to rush. For many, it might not be a good fit – and this doesn’t mean that your university experience will be unfulfilling without it. However, if you do decide to rush there are things to consider such as whether it’s the right fit for you, the platforms, and what skills a can you gain from rushing. Being a career and lifestyle blog, I asked two bloggers to share what professional skills they’ve gotten from being a part of a sorority that can help them in their future careers and they’ve shared their answers below.

Time management
I think that being in a sorority can help you professionally because you learn how to balance activities and how to learn time management. It also helps because it shows businesses and companies that you were involved and you care about your community.
– Sally (

Professional attire
When you rush a sorority you begin with professional wardrobe, as you are required to be in “Badge Attire” for at least one meeting a month, if not more. This was a huge help, getting out of college and being broke, already having what I needed in my closet to go on interviews.

Resume writing and Interview prep
Several sororities will have chapter meetings with university representatives about resume building and writing. This definitely gives you a leg up. Some chapters even have mock interviews.

Speaking of mock interviews — I know from experience that having to go through both sides of the recruitment process taught me how to make connections with people, and how to get through a conversation despite nerves and well… sometimes a lack of chemistry. This has helped plenty during interviews, and also while networking, and working with clients. Speaking of connections, Greek Life is chocked full of them.

Through my sisters, and friends I’ve made in the Panhel Community, I’ve been able to secure interviews and even a couple of freelance jobs. After all, if your Sorority sister says “Hey use this person for logo making!” I know I’m more likely to do it, as are a ton of other women.

Greek Life also teaches you parliamentary procedure, and Robert’s Rules of Order, which can come in handy in certain professional environments. More abstract — you learn to get along with and work with people with different beliefs, opinions, and lifestyles than you. You learn how to be more accepting of others, and how to not take differences personally. You also learn the importance of teamwork and team building. It takes a village, or an office, as it goes.

– Cheyenne

What are your views on rushing a sorority?