Tips for Moving Out & What I’ve Learned


tips on moving out

I moved out (technically) at the age of 18. I chose the University of Ottawa knowing that it would be 5 hours away from my hometown. Both my parents and I decided it would be the best opportunity for me to experience new things and develop skills that I will use later in life. Moving out was the best decision I could have made as I have been fortunate enough to develop life skills I would not have learned otherwise.

Like many of you, I was hesitant. Could I handle living by myself (or, in my case, living with a roommate)? I lacked amazing cooking and cleaning skills, so I was worried that I would not be able to function as an independent adult. However, humans are adaptable and I was able to learn quickly enough to actually survive without someone doing everything for me. And, without further ado, here is what I learned from moving out.

Tips for Moving Out #1: Budgeting

This skill is especially important if you pay for your own rent and expenses. I never knew how expensive updating an apartment was or how expensive groceries truly were or how much food I could consume in a week (a lot, apparently). I no longer had all the extra money I had in high school. Through this experience, learned how to sacrifice spending money on things I wanted for things I needed.

Also, I had to put that cute shirt on hold in order to buy more fruits and vegetables in order to maintain a healthier diet. Paying rent every month is something you have to take into account when your friend asks you if you want to go out. I know understand why my mom would always drive past McDonalds and claim that we had food at home. By saving my receipts and checking my bank account daily, I was able to organize my money a bit better. This is an important life skill to learn and one that you must adapt quickly in order to survive independent life.

Tips for Moving Out #2: Cleaning is a must

As a child, you probably whined and complained when your parents told you to do your chores and clean your room. When you live by yourself, you start to appreciate the cleaning skills your parents instilled in you as a kid. Things like laundry, dishes, and sweeping are essential skills to have when you are managing a house by yourself or with roommates. It is not fun to live in a mess, so developing good cleaning techniques really helps you to live and efficient and stress-free life outside of your parents’ house.

Tips for Moving Out #3: Time management skills

Living alone with nobody to cook for you is a sad reality you face when you leave your home. Who knew cooking took so much time and preparation? Coming home from school and having to think about what to make for dinner as well as do your readings is an obstacle to living away from your parents. I cherish the times when I go home and my parents cook dinner for me and I can just relax. For me, living alone has taught me is how to balance school with chores, work, readings, and keeping up a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for Moving Out #4: Appreciate your parents

Moving away from your parents makes you realize how much you love them. My parents had to all the things I listed above, not only for themselves but for two other human beings. That is a lot of work. The fact that they did that for you and you are now a fully (or somewhat) functional adult makes you appreciate all their hard work. Moving out hurts your parents too, so remember to call them once in awhile. They may even have some tricks and tips for you when you are struggling to keep up with the harsh realities of moving out.


Written by Rebecca Rosenberg


Comment: what have you learned from moving out?  or what are you looking forward to about moving out?



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