How to get an internship

How to get an internshipThinking about how to get an internship and preparing to apply for an internship can be a tedious process. Filling out applications, giving references, and playing the waiting game does not get easier whether you are fresh out of college or 20 years into the game. I was fortunate to land a job straight out of college but for many, it’s not that easy. For some, the job hunt can extend for years.

Being 25, I’ve been in the working world for a couple of years now. I’ve learned my way around a little and I have learned what it takes to get you closer to your ideal situation post-graduation. What do I owe my success to? My internships.

Here’s 5 Reasons Why Internships Are So Important and How to get an internship:

How to get an internship #1:  Show your competence

When job descriptions call for 1-3 years of experience and you haven’t worked a day in your life, this is where the internships come in. Internships provide you work experience that makes you shine above other applicants. By having that experience, it will also prepare you for when you make that transition into the working world. when thinking about How to get an internship, makes sure to play to your strengths, focus on your competency and your ability to learn. These companies know that you are looking to gain experience so they want someone who is willing to learn.

How to get an internship #2:  Use your previous experience

If you are applying to a company you interned with, your internship is like a VIP pass. I landed my current job because I was an intern for my organization in college. My internship was a gateway to the company, therefore, making me more appealing when applying for a full-time position. Many big companies and corporations love past interns because that saves them time and energy in training.

How to get an internship #3: Career Path.

Internships provide you a sneak peek into the industry you can potentially work in. In college, I thought I wanted to work in the sports industry – I interned with a sports team and realized that it was not for me. If I did not complete that internship, I would have wasted time pursuing a career path that was not for me.

How to get an internship #4:  Get social with Linkedin

Linkedin is meant for professional networking. so don’t be afraid to connect with people who already work in a company you want to intern for. make sure to ask them good questions that will make the application process more straightforward. Internships provide multiple opportunities to network within the company and within that industry. Many of my colleagues and LinkedIn friends are individuals I met networking through my internship. Many internships will give you opportunities to attend various events which are great opportunities to expand your professional circle. You never know who you can meet!

How to get an internship #5:
Be Professional

In college, teachers can explain the importance of professionalism and how to be professional but it’s one thing practicing it for yourself. When you do decide to reach out to people on Linkedin, make sure you act in a professional manner. these are not people in your friend group so do not use text speak or emojis. Also, make sure that you know what you are asking for. Be clear, be direct and be polite.


Completing an internship gives you an outlook of how to be professional in that industry – the do’s and the don’t’s. Being able to gain that professional experience in the workplace will not only reflect on you positively but show to future employers that you have what it takes to succeed.

Without my internships, I would not be where I am today. Internships provide you with so many positive opportunities – from gaining mentors to meeting new people to exploring different industries.

As a millennial wanting a successful career, completing an internship is very crucial for your career path and will provide nothing but positive opportunities for your future!


Written by Mia. Mia is a lifestyle blogger and contributor for Cocktails and Ambition. You can find her on her Blog and on Instagram