7 Habits of Successful Women

7 habits of Successful WomenSuccessful women make being a #girlboss look easy.  I personally have learned the hard way as a blogger, young professional and full-time student that being a successful woman in any aspect of life takes a ton of hard work. After I started the section of my blog called cocktails with:  where I interview millennial women pursuing their dreams and making a name for themselves, I became interested in what made successful women the way they are. After reading about the countless women I admire and talking to the women in my life who are strong, powerful and have a bright future ahead of them, I came up with 7 habits of successful women.

Successful Women support other women

Making your way to the top of any career path or endeavor is never easy and you will not be the only one trying to make that same goal. Successful women understand this and they know the hardships and struggles that arise. They are confident that their skill and talent will stand on its own without having to discourage other women who are trying to achieve the same goal and are genuinely happy to watch others succeed

Successful women seek new opportunities

 If you haven’t already, I suggest reading Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes (another hella successful woman). Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and just say yes to a new opportunity, or yes to taking time and finding your own footing. It might scare you but there are so many wonderful things waiting for you on the other side of the uncertainty and worry. In many instances, success comes after you’ve failed and learned to get back up. So, keep going and keep saying “yes” until you are where you want to be.

Successful women are always in progress

The urge to be perfect knowingly or unknowingly is something that we all deal with. Whether it’s  feeling envy or feeling like we are not accomplishing things at the same pace as everyone else on our insta timeline, the struggle is real. Successful women understand that they are always changing and evolving in essence, they are women in progress. It’s so hard to feel like we are not yet where we want to be and everyone else is seemingly doing great things with their lives. To be successful, however, we have to first acknowledge that we are no longer where we used to be and that is progress in itself.

Successful women create and stay in  their own lane

 The career and life you dream of will take a lot of hard work to achieve. While you do that it’s easy to get sidetracked watching everyone else’s dreams become a reality, It might seem tempting to start doing what everyone else says is successful out of desperation or frustration that things are not happening as fast as you think they should. However, successful women know when to stay the path, trust their instincts and focus on their own goals even when they hit bumps in the road.

Successful women do not let adversity define them

For every “yes” you receive there will probably be a lot more “no’s”.  This is just one of those things in life that happens to most people. The difference between everyone else and successful women is that despite the roadblocks and all the “no’s”, they understand that it’s important to keep moving forward and not let adversity define them.

Successful Women Ask for what they want

Asking for what you want is sometimes daunting and uncomfortable. However, if you don’t ask you’ll never receive it. Asking for what you want will rarely put you in a worse position if anything it opens up more possibilities and gives you more options.

 Successful Women have their own definition of Success

Success is not a one size fit all definition. It doesn’t mean that you have to climb the corporate ladder, have multiple abbreviations in front of your name, or a certain amount of money in your bank account. You get to decide what success means to you. if it’s running a marathon, or just learning to take care of yourself,  your definition of success is valid and should not be based on anyone else’s timeline or definition.

This post was inspired by one of the most popular posts on the blog: 7 Habits of Happy People.  Comment and let me know what you think