5 Steps to Feeling Confident Without Makeup

Let me start this post by mentioning the fact that I LOVE makeup, there is nothing like a perfectly contoured cheekbone to make you feel like Naomi Campbell. However, I have encountered friends who have mentioned that they feel odd leaving the house without makeup on and to be honest I’ve begun feeling this way myself.

I remember recently texting my friend before we were supposed to meet up asking if she was wearing makeup. If she was, then I definitely would too because there was no way in hell you would catch me looking like the sickly friend!  And right there was the problem I felt like I was unpresentable without makeup. When did we become so uncomfortable with our skin?  Why do I have to spend an ungodly amount of time applying makeup on the days that I don’t WANT to? Learning to love what’s underneath the makeup can that can be challenging but I am taking baby steps and these are some things that I’m finding helpful.

Do it for yourself
It’s hard to escape the influence of others but a good start before doing anything is to ask yourself why you are doing it. So, Why are you wearing makeup?  Your answer doesn’t have to be something really deep and insightful – it can be if you want it -i.e (fighting the unrealistic expectations of women in a patriarchal society). It can be as simple as “because I want to”, “Because I think it’s fun”., “I just want to try something new” All these are acceptable reasons as long as they stem from you and not how other people will feel about it. And quite frankly their discomfort over your not wearing makeup has nothing to do with you and a lot to do with them. So, pay it no mind and do you boo.


Take it off one at a time

if you are a person who wears makeup all the time suddenly going bare faced might come as more than a shock to you but,  you have to give yourself time. It takes some time to build confidence and get comfortable with new situations, however, you have to start somewhere. It can be as simple as firstly taking off your eyeshadow and then lipstick and so on until you are comfortable going barefaced. There is no time limit on each item, as long as you are doing it for you.


Learn to love the skin you are in

One of the most popular posts on this blog is a practical guide to self-love. Clearly, self-love is something many people are trying to find. This not only includes loving who you are on the inside but also love the outside. Love the little things about yourself and focus on the things you like about you. If you can’t think of one, stare hard enough until you find something you can say “ya know what? My (insert here) is not that bad and you can always start with one thing. Just pick one and say “I love my (fill in blank) birthmark, eyebrows, nose, and teeth.  Etc.  When you start to like one thing it’s only a matter of time before you notice other things you like about yourself.


Take care of the skin you are in
want to feel comfortable in your skin? Well, let’s start by taking care of it. Whether you wear makeup or not, your skin will take a beating be it from the foundation, from not being protected from the sun, from not eating right, or drinking enough water and a host of many other reasons. So, you have to make sure you are giving it your best. Make sure to have a cleansing routine that works for your skin, invest in products that work for you (and no they don’t have to be what the YouTubers use!) They can range in price as long as it works for you and makes sure to keep it simple!  Also, great skin starts from the inside out, drink water, eat healthily, stop stressing, wear sunscreen and just take a little bit of time each day for some skin TLC.


Get comfortable with imperfections

I read somewhere once that we came into this world a blank canvas and all our scars are just signs that we have lived and experienced things. This statement, however simple, blew my mind and changed the way I thought about scars on my body. I sat there thinking yes! That’s so true, my scar on my leg has a story, and the cut in my cheek was from playing soccer as a child! (it’s a long story). These are all a part of who I am, so why do I try to hide it? it’s part of my uniqueness and all your scars signify that you’ve lived, they tell a story and they are uniquely yours, why not embrace them?

As we continue to go through life we will get acne, a cut here and there, some bizarre spot on our cheeks, sunburn, dark spot, stretch marks but it’s all a part of life. Sometimes focusing on these things take away from us experiencing life and living it to the fullest but Imperfections will happen and you just have to roll with it.


What do you think about these tips let me know in the comments! And feel free to share your tips as well




  1. Trying to feel confident with out makeup is one of my biggest battles. It’s hard to feel confident and pretty when you wear makeup to help feel beautiful. This is a good read and has many great points on feeling great without makeup! xoxo