10 Halloween Costumes Inspired by Women Who Are Fierce AF


It’s that time of the year again when kids  are allowed to eat food from strangers and adults get to play dress-up. If you are in the category of adult playing dress up  here are some costumes ideas that are easy to put together and represent an empowering collection of women both real and animated that are fierce AF

1 Beyoncé


image from Brit+Co

2 Rosie the Riveter

rosie 1.jpg

This is  a pretty easy costume to make using things you already own.

3 Power puff girls


The Powerpuff girls (a personal favorite)  thought us how to be badass from childhood.

image via Polyvore

4. Wednesday Adams

Odd choice?  yes! But Wednesday Adams never shied away from speaking up for herself and is the epitome of #unbothered

5. Morticia Adams

Wednesday had to get her fierceness from somewhere


p.s ( as a group costume idea you and a friend can go as Wednesday and Morticia)

image via Donna Trendy

6. spice girls

spice-girlsThese girls are the definition of 90’s girl power and third wave feminism

7. Cookie from empire


image via Super Selected
  1. TLC
    crazy sexy cool.jpeg
  2. Kim Possible


10. Mindy Kaling


What costume will you be wearing for Halloween?

    1. Thanks Ansleigh!! and to be honest I only started thinking about mine when I made this post and I still haven’t decided *sigh*