Solo Travel: 5 Reasons Every Woman Should Travel Solo at least Once

solo travel for womenSolo travel for females is becoming more and more normal. Why wait around for a companion or group when you can explore the world by yourself? As a millennial woman, there are many things that I want to do and see in the world so why should I wait for others to jump on the bandwagon?

From the South American streets to the beaches of France, I have solo traveled around the world and personally, I would say that solo traveling is my favorite type of travel. While solo traveling, I learned various things about myself and the world around me and I’m here to enlighten all my fellow females out there why solo travel is the way to go.

The Sky Is The Limit

When traveling by yourself, you can go wherever, whenever, and for however long you want. I have found that when traveling with a group of friends, family or significant other, there are always some compromises you have to make on your trip. Solo Travel allows you to focus on doing the activities you enjoy and doing them at your own pace.

You Make The Rules

When traveling alone, you create your own schedule. You wake up when you want, you go to bed whenever you want. One day, you might want to eat your way through the city and another day, you want to enjoy a day by the beach. If you want to spend a whole day napping, do it! Because you are solo, you’re allowed to change up the plan as much as you want.

Immerse Yourself In The Culture

Solo traveling forces you to experience your surroundings in the best way. I found that while roaming the streets of Colombia solo, I could emerge myself in the culture. Without having another person there, I could notice the smaller, more intimate things. I listened to the street music, smelled the aroma of fresh food, and enjoyed the scenery. Having the peace and tranquility of only worrying about myself allowed me to enjoy the culture.

Do Not Be Afraid

At first, solo travel can seem intimidating but it is not as scary as others make it out to be. The first time I went on a solo trip, I arrived at my destination and looked around and thought to myself “What now?” For a moment, I was intimidated but I pushed my doubt away and proceeded to my next destination. As long as you are aware of your surroundings and keep your personal items close, you should be able to enjoy yourself without being afraid!

Enjoy Solo Time

On my first solo trip, I learned so much about myself, unexpectedly and in the best way possible. I learned that I’m confident enough and strong enough to travel in a foreign place by myself. You learn how to enjoy being with yourself. The most important relationship is the one you build with yourself so, being able to enjoy time with yourself is a skill that will help you throughout your whole life.


Many individuals think that traveling alone can be scary or boring when traveling alone is actually freeing and changes your whole perspective. As a female, I encourage my peers to not be afraid of solo travel. Trust me, it will be a trip you’ll never forget.


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Written by Mia Littlejohn. Mia is a lifestyle blogger and contributor for Cocktails and Ambition. You can find her  on her Blog and on Instagram


    1. I absolutely agree! I went on my first solo trip this year and was so proud of myself for beig able to do it alone 🙂

  1. A solo trip is a great confidence builder and learning experience. You discover more about yourself and usually are pleasantly surprised!!