Productivity Hack: 10 apps to make you more productive

Sometimes between following the latest celebrity drama or the perusing the internet for whatever cat video that suits your fancy, you forget to do all the important things you are actually supposed to do. However, all that time spent on your phone can actually be a good thing because there are apps that can help you become a lot more productive.


  1. Evernote:  This app is the holy grail of productivity apps. It has both a free and premium version. The free version of this app allows you to set reminders, take pictures, record audio, create a to-do list etc, the plus or premium version is all this and more including added storage space.
  2. Grammarly: This app helps in correcting grammatical errors on various platforms from your word documents to your facebook post, it is fast, efficient and catches all the little errors you might have missed. No longer will you be  caught making the fatal grammatical error of not knowing when to use “your” and “you’re”
  3. Cold Turkey: If procrastination via the internet is your vice then this app lets you quit cold turkey( see what I did there?) or block websites that are your biggest distraction for a certain period of time so that you can focus on getting your work done.
  4. Mint: Helps you remain financially productive by managing your bills, accounts, and tracking where you spend your money. It also sends out reminders for when your bills are due so that you can pay them right away.
  5. Sunrise: Sunrise calendar app works with your Microsoft outlook account, google calendar or icloud and allows you to merge all your calendars into one so that you never miss a date or appointment.
  6. Workflow:  the tagline for this app is”powerful automation made simple.” and I can guarantee that this app is fantastic. It analyses the way you use your device and creates a workflow so that you can get everything done and switch from one task to the next.
  7. Avoid Humans: let’s face it humans are distracting, person A wants to tell you about their cat and person B just won’t leave you alone. well, this app aims to fix that it allows you to find the least populated cafe, shop, library etc around town so that you can get your work done in peace without human distraction.
  8. 30/30: Allows you to prioritize which tasks you want to focus for the day. You can label each task by assigning an icon to it, you can set up a time when you want to work on it, set up and a timer to keep track of how long you want to work on that task. It also syncs your icloud to the app and allows you to set how you want to be notified for a task.
  9. Rescue time: this app tracks how you spend your time across all your devices and the best part you don’t have to log it in. It automatically monitors your habits and presents you with trends on how you spend your time, this way you can notice what websites or task you procrastinate with the most and make a conscious effort to reduce the time you spend on it, which gives you more free time to apply to tasks that are important.
  10. Google docs:  If you ever find yourself someplace random with free time on your hands google docs can help you make the best of it. It allows you to work on your document online and offline, that way you can get your work done from anywhere at anytime.



What are some apps that help with your productivity?