How to Pick a Career in your Twenties

I was sitting on a tatami mat in Japan having a good, old chat with my girlies. You’ve probably guessed the topic of conversation. We’re having a riveting discourse about current events. Not!

My friend was describing her ideal wedding and to be honest, most of us ladies meticulously plan our big day. It’s fun and important to do so especially when coupled with planning life after the wedding.

There are similarities between a wedding and preparing for University. Both are exciting experiences, investments and milestones in life that we associate with success and happiness. But then, the excitement may wear off, as you begin to face unexpected realities.   As newlyweds, you’re learning to blend your lives and manage the expectations of others.  As a recent graduate, it’s time to pay off student debt and transition to the world of employment.

In a survey completed for the book, There Is Life After College, findings showed:

    32% of young adults spend at least half of their twenties trying to start their career.

    An additional 33% spend most of their twenties trying to get going with their career.

    So that means only %35 of us know where we’re heading. Though I’ve always been fairly wise-hearted, I wasn’t in this group after completing Uni.

According to the National Student Clearinghouse, there are 12.5 million young adults in their twenties who started out but didn’t finish their course of study. They have some college credits but no degree.

My priceless advice!

Explore who you are and what you want from life before coughing up a huge mortgage on your future.  The average Canadian student graduates with over $28,000 of debt, (Source: The Canadian Federation of Students). Make sure you’re paying for something that will yield much return.

Here are three proven steps to making “A Wise Choice”.


After 3+ years as a Career Coach primarily helping individuals choose a career, I saw, interpreted and recorded the retention rates. That’s why I can say; you’re more likely to enjoy your career when you have a sound idea of what you’re ‘marrying.’ There is more to it than just doing informational interviews.

Consider the future

If you want to live in a particular part of the country, intern abroad or move abroad after University, research the requirements before you commit to a course of study. Some industries such as professions within the Health sector require region-specific licenses.

Go beyond your interests

Making ‘A Wise Choice’ is more than just doing something that interests you. You can have a great voice but lack the character, values and drive to do what it takes to make it as a singer.

I’m interested in artsy things, but that interest was not enough to hold down a 9-5. After being true to myself, I realized a career in Fashion Promotion wouldn’t adequately allow me to live out my primary calling. But hey we live and learn! Isn’t it great when we can save ourselves the pain and learn from the mistakes of others in our pursuit of “Happily, Ever After”?



Rachel was a lost BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion graduate who ended up teaching in Japan and South Korea. Since 2009 she has been living out her primary calling. Rachel has helped countless clients make wise career choices, get the job they deserve and identify and achieve their life goals. Visit  The Career Bean and get a FREE comprehensive cover letter guide upon joining her “superstar” Career Bean goodies.

  1. This is so relevant for me right now, as just recently graduated college and am trying to figure out what career field I want to pursue right now. Those stats definitely make me feel a little bit better about not knowing what I want to do quite yet 🙂 xoxo Hope

    1. I am so glad it was helpful! There is always hope dear one. Let me know if I can help in any other way. I’d be happy to chat. Rachel