Books to Read When You Are Single AF

Join the forever alone club, you are probably here because you’ve swiped left, swiped right, rang a bell and rotated tables but still, the status remains single AF.

If your love life is bordering on disaster and you may be freaking out, I have made it my duty to tell you that there are way worse things that could happen to you in the world and there is nothing like  reading about someone else’s disastrous love life and awkward date encounters to make you realize you are not alone. You are not going to be forever alone and to put a smile on your face here goes a list of books to read when you are single AF that won’t make you sad about being single AF.


 1.  I don’t want to die alone

I don't want to die alone

Not only is the title hilarious! the book shares people’s stories of online dating ranging from the good, to the bad, to the ugly. If you’ve ever tried online dating or met up with someone you chatted with online and it didn’t go so well * deep breaths*  other people have had the same misfortune.

2. Dating makes you want to die (but you have to do it anyways) 

dating make you want to die

“You have two choices:

Be attacked by a wolverine or go on a date

If you’re smart, you chose wolverine.

If not—well, wait, are you sure you don’t want the wolverine?”

The book contains the honest to goodness truth for those who have consistently bad dates and how to break the cycle so you don’t end up being a bitter and angry 90-year-old some day.


3.  50 boyfriends worse than yours

50 boyfriends worse

If you’ve ever thought that your boyfriend was bad I’ve got great news for you at least you didn’t pick any of the men in this book. if you did  ……


4.  50 Dates worse than yours


20 dates worse than yours

There is nothing more painful to experience or watch than an awkward first date. So , instead of experiencing it  you can just read about it. There is the accidental date, The AA meeting date, the first date where someone proposes, the date  where one person just came for the food , and to top it all off, There is the date where both people find out they might be related. feel better yet?

6. It’s Just a F***ing Date: Some Sort of Book About Dating  

After reading about other people’s disastrous experiences it might be time to fix yours so you don’t end up in a future book about crappy dates/love lives

its just a


Comment below: what other books would you add to this list? or what are some bad dates you’ve been on?


    1. I would recommend I don’t want to die alone! It’s not really dating advice just funny story about bad dates and they are HILARIOUS!