10 Affordable Places to travel in your 20’s + giveaway

If you know me or have read my blogs, you’d know that travel is always in my vocabulary. However, If my bank account were a person it would roll its eyes and laugh every time  I  talked about traveling.  Earlier this year I saw a list made by Forbes or some other online website that was titled ” places to go in 2017 when you are Young, Broke…” so I being young, broke and whatever happily clicked on it. I was so confused when I saw the places listed. Excuse me!*valley girl voice* what’s your definition of broke? cause Dubai isn’t exactly cheap. So, I started doing my own research and these are some of the places that I personally found that I could reasonably save up for over a period of time.

Affordable  All Inclusive Vacations

These are really the best travel options if you are on a budget. In most cases for under a thousand dollars, you can have your flight, accommodation and some food paid as part of a 4- 7-day all-inclusive trip.  This depends heavily on where your flight departs from. For example, I live in between Montreal and Toronto and can take an international flight from both airports. However, choosing to leave from Montreal would be about 200-300 dollars cheaper than if I selected to leave from Toronto. So, keep your options open, search departures from any available airports close to you and be flexible because it can save you a lot of money.

These all inclusive options are ideal because they do not limit you to staying at the resort for the duration of your stay. Most resorts also organize day trips to tourist locations, which means that you can choose which activities you’d like to participate in. In addition, because the activities are already planned out It takes the stress out of having to do it yourself.


Dominican Republic


Puerto Rico

Big Cities and Big Adventure

Before you roll your eyes at the next set options, just hear me out. When people think big cities “affordable” is not exactly a phrase you would associate with it. However, while these cities are might be a bit pricey to get to, it’s not impossible to visit these locations on a budget. You can save money by going with a group of friends, this way the big expenses such as hotel accommodations or Uber rides can be split within the group. There are also options for affordable accommodations such as using Airbnb’s(Check Out the Giveaway) or finding cheap hotels through third-party websites like Bookings.com.

Most of these locations also have really efficient transit systems so, you can see the cities in all its glory without breaking the bank (and as someone who has been to 3 of these 4  cities I can tell you that they are worth it). Of the four destinations on the list, New York City is my all-time favorite and I have written a  budget friendly travel guide to help you plan your trip.

New York

NEW YORK CITY – SEP 5: Times Square, featured with Broadway Theaters and LED signs, is a symbol of New York City and the United States, September 5, 2010 in Manhattan, New York City.






Culture Shock Adventures

I call these “culture shock adventures” because like me most of my blog readers are in North America and Europe so, these adventures will definitely be a drastic difference to what we might be used to. However, from what I’ve heard the travel destinations are filled with a vibrant way of life, great food and beautiful scenery. The challenge with these destinations is getting there because the flight can get a bit pricey. By keeping your eyes glued to airline discount sites like skyscanner.com, you can find totally affordable flight options. However, once you get there hoteling and activity costs are pretty affordable.





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