Gift Guide for the Career Girl


A Christmas gift guide to help you pick out the perfect gift for the career girl in your life

It’s time for Christmas gift guides again! why? well,If you couldn’t tell based on all the Christmas decorations stores have had up since October and the repeats of Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is you, Christmas is around the corner. This means it’s time for Home Alone marathons, ginger bread houses and holiday shopping. I’ve put together a helpful gift guide to assist with the holiday shopping part of things and to give you some ideas on what you can buy the career girl in your life

  1. #Girlboss$18
    I don’t mean to be cliché because now adays every one is talking about #girlboss this and #girlboss that- myself included. But there is a reason why and that’s because this book is witty, practical and inspiring. So, why not give it as a gift?
  2.   Leave your mark$14.60
    While on the topic of practical and inspiring, Leave your Mark is also one that makes my list of favorites. It’s a friendly career guide with tips that can inspire anyone to develop and pursue the career of their dreams + it’s a pretty fun and easy read.
  3. Planner$25
    There are 2 types of people in this world those who plan everything and those who go with the flow. I am most definitely not a go with the flow person and some career girls aren’t either. So, this holiday give the gift of organization and obsessive planning to the career girl in your life with this cute planner.
  4. Business card holder $30
    Smart career women know that one of the major keys (Yes, I just referenced DJ Khaled and No, I don’t regret it) to grow in your career is building a strong network of people and always being ready, that’s why a business card holder is a perfect gift or stocking stuffer.
  5. Inspiring Wall Art$2.69
    Everyone needs a little bit of motivation in their lives, am I right? Motivating wall arts are a perfect accent piece to any work space. They are cute, affordable and many of them can be found on Etsy. In addition, not only will you be getting someone a great gift, you would be supporting a small business as well.
  6. Monogrammed thank you notes(66.25 for 25)
    Sending Thank you notes is not only a cute gesture but also a sign of great manners. These cute, monogrammed thank you notes from Papyrus are a great personalized gift item.
  7. Travel Tumbler $16
    Whether they are running to meetings or braving the morning commute, Career girls and Girl bosses are always on the go. So, why not give a gift that they can take on the go as well.
  8. Laptop bag Kate spade$48:
    Speaking of perfect items on the go, how cute is this lap top bag from Kate Spade? You know who would love it? The Career girl in your life, that’s who!

Hope this gift guide provided a little shopping inspiration. check out my Alternative Christmas gift guide for non-traditional gift ideas

  1. I am such a career girl and I need all of these! I actually already bought my planner for next year from POPFLEX Active and it’s super duper cute!