Lessons I learned from my mother


When my mom had me I don’t think she banked on having a giant 10-pound baby who got sick easily. However, she has loved me through all my phases in life from the chatterbox phase (which I will never outgrow) to the defiant teenage phase.

Through all these phases  I have learned a lot from my mother  and I’ve also learned a lot about her including her  great level of sarcasm, her penchant for going overboard for every party and her overestimation of how much space we actually have in our house.  She has taught me to never give up before I’ve even started, especially because I’ve always had a habit of doubting my ability to do just about anything. This lesson is  something I carry with me every day  and since the moment she told me this I have stepped out and dared to do things that would have terrified me before.

Sometimes I look at my mom and all the sacrifices she has made and think to myself do I want to do this? to sacrifice so much for a child? Somehow mothers do this every day, they make huge sacrifices, give unconditional love and support and many of them don’t fully understand the impact that they’ve had in the lives of their children.

I reached out to several different people asking them the question “ what is an important thing you’ve learned from your mother?”  the responses were just amazing,  I laughed, teared up and “awwed” a lot while reading them and I’m sharing them with you

What is an important thing you’ve learned from your mother?

The one thing I learned from my mother is perseverance. When we came to Canada my mother had to re-do nursing school. She had to stop and start again many times because she had two more kids but she never gave up and now she is a practical nurse!

– Brunette

An important lesson I learned from my mom is to always prepare double the amount of food necessary for everyone, for some reason she always thinks we’re starving.

– Dan

My mom would always say that whatever you do you do it for God which is why you always have to work hard. I used to think it was so annoying until I looked back and realized my work ethic, faith, determination and need to shoot for the stars can all be partly traced back to that one little phrase.

– Nate

 One thing I learned from my mother is how to make the best French toast EVER

– Tony

Over the years, my mom taught me lots of things.  Even though I chose not listen to some of  her advice, one that will always be engraved in my heart is no matter where life takes you, you must not forget where you came from and who helped you there. Thanks manmy!

– Gloria

My mom was the one who watched me take my first breaths along with what we thought were my last. She said I was her sunshine when I was little and taught me that it was okay to cry. Without her, I would be nothing. But fortunately, she’s made me everything I could ever dream of being.

– Jesse

There are  two very significant things that I learned from my Mom; being optimistic and realistic at the same time. When I was a kid I noticed that my mom had a very realistic way of looking at  life but she also remained optimistic even through the hard times. I didn’t fully comprehend her outlook on life  until I was much older and  I’m still learning to find a balance between being both, but good thing I have my mom remind me.

– Megghan

Every time I leave my house, my mom, would never say bye or I love you, but ‘tem juízo’. This, in Portuguese, means ‘have common sense’ or ‘make good choices’. It’s the best advice I have ever received because it demonstrates a multitude of lessons and attributes. It shows that my mom cares for my well-being, trusts me to make my own decisions, and holds me responsible for the actions I take part in.

– Tania

My mother and I have always been very close; I told her everything, and still do. But I think the biggest thing she taught me was how to pick myself up on my own.

– Erica


Happy Mother’s day to all the Mothers who continue to love, support and inspire their children to be the best they can be.
What are some lessons you’ve learned from your mother?


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