Important skills to develop in your Twenties


Your twenties are a time of general confusion, mixed in with some “what am I doing with my life?” type questions and that’s okay. However, they are also a time of experiencing new things while developing crucial skills that can set you up for success in the future. What are those skills you ask? Patience, my friend I’ll tell you


  1. Learn how to manage your finances

Growing up means adult responsibilities and many adult responsibilities involve money (sad and very capitalist I know).  However, if you want to be an adult with a limited amount of undue stress and worry,  learning how to manage your money by staying on top of bill payments, learning how to make a budget and stick to it will save your life in ways unimaginable. Luckily there are many free apps such as easy money, or mint, budget worksheets, and even TV shows to help you with the process. check out 5 wealth tips every millennial can follow


2. Learn to let go

Learning to let go saves you so much stress and tons of anxiety. Understandably it’s a really hard concept to implement sometimes, especially because when we are working so hard to forget something our brain decides to do the opposite. However it is a continuous process and one we have to keep working on because holding on to negative relationships, situations or even past memories stops you from fully appreciating life and living in the present.  In the words of Ferris Buller

3. Learn how to cook

Psst! Listen to me, you cannot survive on a diet of ramen noodles, Nutella, and microwavable dinners. I mean you can but I think we can all agree on the fact that it is not good for you besides do you really want to be the 20-ish year old with the health level of a 95-year-old chain smoker? I think not.  Take care of yourself from the inside out and learn to make a decent meal… a decent healthy meal even if it’s just one. If you are not sure where to start then I suggest Pinterest and it’s as easy as typing in “easy healthy recipe”

4.Become comfortable with hearing “No”,

You’ll hear “No” a lot when you get rejected from a job, or internship positions, grad school etc. it might seem like the world will end right then and there but rejection is a part of life and coming to terms will this will save you a lot of time and money spent on emotional eating or shopping therapy.

5. Master the art of “Carpe dieming”

Carpe Dieming

[Verb] derived from the words Carpe Diem, means the act of seizing the day

Always seize the day, moment, or opportunity in whatever form it comes in. It might be in the form of random internships, job opportunities, travel opportunities etc that might come your way. Learn to take a chance and step outside of your comfort zone and live in the moment. Of course, it doesn’t mean to neglect all thoughts of what comes next but try to exercise a reasonable level of concern future. Don’t let what could be or the idea of what could be ruin this perfectly imperfect season in your life and stop you from enjoying it.

6. Learn to always be ready

“Always be ready” – should be one of your life mottoes this includes being ready financially i.e. having a savings no matter how small for a rainy day(anything is better than $0). Always have an updated resume with you in print or ready for print, you’ll never know when an opportunity comes up and when it does seize it. It could even be in the form of little things that make life slightly more pleasant such as checking the weather before you leave your house to make sure that you are prepared with an umbrella, jacket etc.

What are some other important skills you think are important to have in your twenties?


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